Hana is a researcher and sessional lecturer at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia.

Hana’s research focuses on cognitive psychology, emotion, attitude, advertisement and destination marketing. She uses cutting-edge technologies like FaceReader, skin conductance, and Eye-Tracking, to assess the advertising effectiveness and consumer experience. She uses quantitative and qualitative methods to study tourism advertisements and consumer behaviour.

Having taught a range of tourism and hospitality courses including Managing Hospitality Service Experiences, Hotel Distribution and Sales, Career Development, Services Marketing, Tourism Economics and Tourism Impact Assessment, Hana has a depth of knowledge on a variety of tourism and marketing topics.

Hana also has a variety of practical experiences, having worked on several research projects including the National Environmental Science Program (NESP), Intrepid project (travel company in Australia), Mantra Hotel Group and Study Gold Coast program.

Hana is passionate about tourism and destination marketing with a particular focus on developing countries. With a PhD and Master’s degree in Tourism Marketing as well as industry and academic experience, Hana aims to provide valuable feedback for destination managers and marketers, especially for the design of marketing stimuli.

Connect with Hana

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arghavan-hana-hadinejad-06291699/

Email: [email protected]