Pillar 4: Climate and environment

Ecosystems, climate change and GDP: Some considerations for PICs

Rural communities in Pacific island countries (PICs), which rely directly and acutely on nature’s goods and services for food and materiale, face a range… Read More

Crisis, resilience and agency in the Pacific

“For Vanuatu while the government is giving out its relief supply, people in the communities are mobilising and bringing raw food crops to the people in the affected areas … Read More

The ‘C’ word, burning elephants, post truth and how Pacific nations can lobby Australia’s position on climate change

With the elephant of climate change well and truly in the room and on fire in Australia, the Morrison Government is still shy to use… Read More

Australia’s new regional context: Pacific island futures and air power possibilities

PETER LAYTON | In the Australian strategic consciousness the Pacific islands looms very large. There is more than two hundred years of history that… Read More

The nuclear-free Pacific is not free

When white flakes fell from the sky in the atolls belonging to the Marshall Islands, children were in awe and wonder, thinking it was snowing. Read More

The obfuscation of human rights in the climate change discourse in the Pacific

The United Nations human rights committee, who heard the case between Teitiota v New Zealand  in January, obfuscated Teitiota’s argument on human rights when… Read More

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