Exploring Asia | Scholarships and Grants

Want to travel to Asia during your undergraduate degree, but don’t know where to start? Griffith University, New Colombo Plan Scholars share information on how to secure scholarships and grants to study, intern and learn a language in the Asia - Pacific. Read More

Perspectives:Asia | Press freedom as a pillar of democracy: key messages from our speakers

Three distinguished journalists from the Asia-Pacific region - Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Australia - discussed the “Role of press freedom as a pillar of democracy” at a recent Griffith Asia Institute (GAI) Perspectives Asia webinar. Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 29 July

In this week’s Pacific bulletin, Tess Newton Cain looks at the rise of COVID-19 numbers in PNG, Vanuatu celebrates 40 years of independence, Pacific voices address the UN Security Council, Solomon Islands maintains commitment to Pacific Games, and Tonga seeks debt relief from China. Read More

A tale of two sectors: Women leaders bridging the formal and informal sectors during Vanuatu’s COVID crisis

Anna Naupa explores how women leaders are bridging both formal and informal sectors to drive the Vanuatu government's COVID-19 tourism response and recovery. Read More

The impact of COVID-19 and policy measures undertaken in Papua New Guinea

The unprecedented scale and magnitude of the COVID-19 damage across the globe has caused loss of human life and massive disruption to economic activity. The… Read More

The impact of COVID-19 on women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights in Myanmar

Social and political institutions limit women and girls’ access to economic independence and political representation in Myanmar. This includes women and girls’ access to sexual and reproductive care, including family planning services. Read More

How the great Indian lockdown became the great Indian ‘policy disaster’

What happened? How did the great Indian lockdown fail to produce the expected outcomes? It appears that, instead of ‘flattening’ the pandemic curve, the lockdown strategy merely delayed it for a while. Read More

Poverty and power: Women’s entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific region

The Asia-Pacific region is changing the world. It hums with an entrepreneurial energy and spirit of opportunity that permeates everywhere from local marketplaces to the sprawling headquarters of multinational corporations. Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 22 July

In this week’s Pacific bulletin, Tess Newton Cain looks at COVID-19 update, unemployment support progress in the northern Pacific, PNG supports China in UN vote, Fiji Budget handed down and pardons in Vanuatu. Read More

Asia Pacific Women | Thought Leadership Series

The Asia Pacific Women thought leadership series brings focus to the status of women in the Asia-Pacific region through expert commentary on the five priority thematic areas relevant to women’s social inclusion and economic engagement in several aspects of life. Read More

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