Exploring Asia | Experiences

Want to experience Asia during your undergraduate degree, but don’t know what to expect? Griffith University students and alumni share their studying, working and cultural experiences, providing valuable tips, insights and some laughs for students aiming to travel to Asia. Read More

Women’s empowerment in the corporate sector

Erna Witoelar discusses Women’s empowerment in the corporate sector as part of the The Asia Pacific Women thought leadership series Read More

Australia’s defence strategic update: It’s all about China

Driven by deepening worries over China’s growing assertiveness, Australia is rethinking its defence strategy, force structure and posture. This has implications for many others. Read More

IMF’s new central bank transparency code: A reflection on PIC efforts

PARMENDRA SHARMA | Griffith Asia Institute member and senior lecturer in the Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics at Griffith University, Dr Parmendra Sharma reflects on the sincere efforts of the central banks of the Pacific Island Countries in making themselves more visible to the public. Read More

We can’t allow Pacific leaders to use coronavirus as a cover for authoritarianism

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Across the Pacific, leaders are holding fast to the old political maxim. Some, even, seem happy to have the Covid-19 crisis around. Read More

Asia Stories | Fieldwork in Southeast Asia with Professor Sara Davies

In Asia Stories, Professor Renee Jeffery chats with Professor Sara Davies about her research journey. Read More

Adding value and impact? The next generation of social entrepreneurs across the Asia Pacific

As part of the Asia Pacific Women thought leadership series, Erin Watson-Lynn shares her insights on adding value and impact for the next generation of social entrepreneurs across the Asia Pacific Read More

Regional wrap | 55

Significant outcomes from AUSMIN 2020, another diplomatic stoush between the US and China, update on the China-India standoff and significance for Australia. Read More

Payne and Reynolds leave Washington with key ‘wins’—and room to disagree with US on China

Rowan Callick says the Australian team went to 'unusual lengths' to participate in this week’s annual Australia-US ministerial (AUSMIN) talks in Washington. Read More

An intersectional climate resilient health service is a prerequisite to build back better

CONNIE GAN AND SARA E DAVIES  | The Asia Pacific Women thought leadership series brings focus to the status of women in the Asia-Pacific… Read More

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