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Practical tips for disaster communication with CALD communities

Griffith University’s Dr Helen Bromhead has published a useful article focussing on making warnings and alerts in disasters and emergencies more easily understood. The article… Read More

2023 Griffith University Disaster Management Network Showcase

Good Disaster Management and Resilience building are not single disciplines.  Success is the result of bringing together expertise from many disciplines and working collaboratively to… Read More

Decision support for healthy communities enhances health outcomes

Griffith University researchers are partnering with industry to address the health-related problems people face before, during and after disasters. From improving community resilience for health-related… Read More

Innovative disaster research tackles climate change and the sustainable development goals

Griffith University researchers are taking on problem solving for disaster challenges with curiosity and compassion. Around the world including here in Queensland, many people and… Read More

Business and Disasters – from the deeply analytic to understanding people

Griffith University researchers are delving into the business aspects of disasters and resilience to understand and reduce the future costs to the community of disasters. Read More

Creative research solutions help people through disasters

Griffith University researchers are using creative solutions to address the problems people face in disasters, from improving communication to creating cooler schools to respond to… Read More

Helping fire-affected communities flourish

Have you ever wondered how communities that repeatedly experience disasters recover? Griffith University’s Professor Rebecca Wickes is part of a national project that is working… Read More

Universities join forces to help better manage disasters

Queensland Disaster Research Alliance (QDRA) manager Dr Paul Barnes wants to help government and businesses understand the value of university research in mitigating, preparing for… Read More

Translating disaster messaging for culturally and linguistically diverse communities

Messages sent during disasters to those affected can be confusing and unclear, particularly if English is not the recipient’s first language. Griffith University research fellow… Read More

Griffith facility helps organisations plan and prepare for disasters

A new facility at Griffith University’s Nathan Campus (Brisbane) is providing government, industry and not for profit organisations with training, planning and preparation space for… Read More

Making regional food systems resilient

Griffith University’s doctoral candidate Sheriden Keegan is working with local and state governments, community organisations and industries to strengthen food supply systems. Her research looks… Read More

Researcher helps prepare communities for climate change

Griffith University research Associate Professor Michael Howes is helping to make communities more sustainable and resilient to the impacts of climate change. Recent events… Read More

Researcher making local food supply chains resilient to disasters

Have you ever thought about where your food comes from and what happens if the food supply chain is interrupted during a disaster or pandemic?… Read More

Theatre reconnects flood-affected Rocklea residents

A new eco-justice, applied theatre work in development is offering flood affected residents of Rocklea the opportunity to continue their recovery and reconnection through a… Read More

Researcher helps health systems during disasters

Have you ever wondered how hospitals cope when there is a disaster? Griffith University’s Associate Professor Jamie Ranse is helping health services ensure policy,… Read More

Language matters in crises and disasters

Language matters and Griffith University’s Dr Danielle Heinrichs’ research is about helping people to think about language in new and different ways which is crucial… Read More

Cyclone season highlights lessons from past disasters for Griffith Researcher

Cyclone season is underway in Queensland and Griffith University’s Dr Margaret Cook hopes lessons from past disasters will inform how authorities and communities prepare for,… Read More

Forthcoming book highlights central role of communication in Pandemics

A new book co-edited by Griffith University’s Dr Monique Lewis will share international experiences and insights about communication during the COVID pandemic. The soon to… Read More

Disaster Management Professor reminds news media cyclone season is here

Griffith University’s Professor of Practice Disaster Management Iain MacKenzie was featured in more than a dozen Australian news media outlets this week when he was… Read More

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