Colin Mackerras

Unveiling the mysteries of the dragon year: Power, significance and predictions

COLIN MACKERRAS |  The dragon year began on 10 February. The… Read More

Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit!

COLIN MACKERRAS | On 22 January 2023, we celebrate the Chinese New Year, moving from the Year of the Tiger to the Year… Read More

Will things change for the better in the tiger year?

COLIN MACKERRAS | On 1 February 2022, the Chinese New Year begins when winter in China gives way to spring. We bid farewell… Read More

Common prosperity should be valued in China and not disparaged by critics

COLIN MACKERRAS | Recent news on China has been replete with items about “cracking down” on the rich, celebrities, the use of video… Read More

How much does China benefit from the Taliban victory over the United States?

COLIN MACKERRAS | The mainstream Western media have questioned numerous Taliban assurances that it has changed in the twenty years since it was… Read More

Australia has more to lose in a human rights ‘face off’ with China

COLIN MACKERRAS | China is stepping up human rights accusations against Australia following numerous condemnations Australia has made on the same grounds. Before… Read More

Oxen Are More Reliable Then Rats: A Personal Reflection

COLIN MACKERRAS | Most of us were probably happy to farewell the Year of the Rat (2020). I know I was. By any… Read More

Bad relations with China are not in Australia’s interests

COLIN MACKERRAS | Our leaders tell us continually that they will stand up to China on behalf of Australia’s interests. But I cannot… Read More

Xi’s thoughtful, constructive approach emphasises common future

Colin Mackerras, shares his insights on Xi Jinping's speech, given on Sept 23 at the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. Read More

No war with China, cold or hot

Emeritus Professor Colin Mackerras says "Australia must say no to any war with China, cold or hot. We must not follow US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in characterising US-China relations" Read More


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