Caitlin Byrne

Sport and diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula

CAITLIN BYRNE  | Sport, it would seem, has paved the way for limited but significant diplomatic success on the Korean Peninsula. The Pyeongchang Winter… Read More

Foreign policy: Charting Australia’s diplomatic future

CAITLIN BYRNE  | In a rapidly changing world, the unveiling of the Foreign Policy White Paper, represents the closest thing the Turnbull government has… Read More

Storytelling, soft power and the craft of public diplomacy

CAITLIN BYRNE  | Last month, Griffith Asia Institute invited one of Australia’s emerging artists: musician, singer and songwriter Marcus Corowa, to launch the Roundtable… Read More

Soft Power in the Indo-Pacific: Emerging models and themes

CAITLIN BYRNE  | What are the challenges and opportunities facing soft power in the 21st Century? How do these translate in the diverse and… Read More

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