Experts gathered to address the biggest election in the world. The world’s single largest election day took place this month, as Indonesians headed to the polls. With more than 190 million eligible voters, 800,000 polling stations, 300,000 candidates and 20,000 seats, the numbers are mind-boggling. Nearly as confounding as the politics.

Prior to the election, to help navigate election complexity, pivotal think-take Griffith Asia Institute (GAI) and key business body the Australia Indonesia Business Council (AIBC) joined forced to host a public lecture earlier this month with two special guest speakers from Griffith University. Adjunct Professor Colin Brown from the Griffith Asia Institute addressed the political aspects of the elections and the significance of the elections for the Australia-Indonesia relationship. Dr Denni Arli from the Griffith Business School addressed the economic and business aspects of the elections.

Listen to the public lecture podcast online.