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From dominance to disarray (Part 1): FijiFirst’s fallout from within

ROMITESH KANT  |  Part 1 of 2 The recent controversy surrounding salary increases for Fiji’s parliamentarians has sparked public outrage and triggered a… Read More

Digital economies in the Pacific 

DOMINIC LEONG AND SHELDON CHANEL  | Recent development initiatives in the Pacific have focussed on building the conditions for digital economies to… Read More

Echoes of justice: The International Criminal Court’s communication disconnect in Bangladesh/Myanmar

EMMA PALMER  |  The International Criminal Court (ICC) faces a significant challenge in effectively engaging with the situation in Bangladesh and Myanmar. The ICC… Read More

WHO and COVID-19: Stress testing the boundary of science and politics

SARA E DAVIES AND SOPHIE HARMAN | Specialised agencies like the World Health Organization (WHO) stress the importance of impartiality and independence to… Read More

Pacific Outlook Bulletin | 12 June

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  FestPac 13 is underway In Hawai’i the 13th edition of the Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture is underway. Read More

Labour schemes, remittances, and the Pacific: An opportunity to utilise Papua New Guinea’s unemployed youth bulge

MARK OFOI  |    The Asian Development Bank (ADB) recently reported a notable rise in Australia-New Zealand worker visa approvals from the Pacific between… Read More

Advancing athlete and coach access to high-performance sport services in Oceania: Building towards Brisbane 2032

CAROLINE RIOT  |  The Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games present a golden opportunity to reshape and strengthen sport pathways for nations in the… Read More

E-Dengue project in action: A comprehensive needs assessment to facilitate the effective use of digital tools for dengue prevention and control in Vietnam

CORDIA CHU AND TUAN PHAM Addressing escalating dengue outbreaks, a global health threat Professor Cordia Chu AM and Dr Tuan Pham. (Photo supplied)… Read More

Developing the agriculture sector through youth entrepreneurship: The case of Vanuatu and lessons from Fiji

REBECCA BOGIRI | Introduction Download PDF The global population is expected to increase to 9 billion by 2050, with youth aged… Read More

Robotic revolution in home care part 1 | Implications of the Australian Government 2024-2025 budget on aged care

GLORIA GE AND STEPHANIE SCHLEIMER | The recently announced Australian Government 2024–25 Budget includes $2.2 billion reserved to improve safe, quality aged… Read More

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