The Chinese Communist Party is at the peak of its power as it enters its second century. But how long can it remain at its peak, at home and abroad. 

It is timely to examine the CCP evolution over the last 100 years, then focus on potential paths ahead, when the Party’s grip on history and ideology will be among the key signposts as Xi intensifies Party control over country, society and — increasingly — the economy. 

Are Xi and the Party holding on to the reins of power chiefly for the sake of doing so? 

Xi’s keynote speech in Tiananmen Square at the great Party centenary rally chiefly looked to the Party’s historic successes and to the glorious present. He failed to map out a meaningful program for the future. The main message to the 70,000 gathered leading cadres was to keep on keeping on. Stay strong. This is likely to prove steadily harder to achieve, as winds of change begin to blow unpredictably, and the fog of unquestioning compliance conceals hard and dangerous truths. 

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