Asia and the Pacific are the most youthful regions of the world, with 25 per cent of their populations aged between 15 and 29. Combined, the two regions are home to 60 per cent of the world’s youth.

This demographic reality places young people at the centre of efforts to address regional challenges. Their strengths, skills, knowledge and commitment will be needed to build economies, address the climate crisis, generate social and political stability, and support peace and justice across the region.

Yet, in Australia’s new International Development Policy, young people are virtually absent as the agents and partners who can forge the region’s future.

In 50 glossy pages, with a focus on partnerships, context-specific programs, and attention to the region, there are only three instances of the word “youth”.

Please click here to read the full “Finding a place for youth leadership in Australia’s new International Development Policy” article published at The Interpreter, written by Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow and Griffith Asia Institute member, Dr Helen Berents and Professor Katrina Lee-Koo.