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Will Indonesia succumb to a secular growth slow-down? If so, does it matter?

YAN ISLAM | In an iconoclastic paper, Lant Pritchett and Larry Summers (2015), question the standard view that emerging economies in the Asian… Read More

Pacific Finance and Economic Ministers meet online

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  Earlier this month the Finance and Economic Ministers of the Pacific Islands Forum member countries met in an online… Read More

Access to education and its impact on gender disparity in Laos

For the Asia Pacific Women thought leadership series, Andrea Haefner discusses access to education and its impact on gender disparity in Laos Read More

Central banking roles, financial strength, and reputation

Central banks have increasingly become a country’s national identity. Their roles are uniquely defined in their charters and have become important pillars supporting and managing… Read More

A closer look at youth entrepreneurship in the Pacific

The developmental futures of Pacific states are intrinsically intertwined with the entrepreneurial opportunities available to their youth populations. Aidan Craney discusses further. Read More

Financial inclusion of informal women market vendors in Port Moresby

As part of the Asia Pacific Women thought leadership series, Dr Elizabeth Kopel, shares insights on women market vendors in Port Moresby. Read More

COVID-19 and a twin deficit: Early lessons from the Solomon Islands

Jack Boe, Senior Analyst at the Central Bank of Solomon Islands shares his views on how a pre-existing economic vulnerabilities make coping with the impact of COVID-19 especially challenging. Read More

Business should beware ensnarement in China controversies

Rowan Callick says, Australian business leaders should consider using this challenging COVID era to deepen their relations with Chinese counterparts and understanding of China’s markets rather than to promote a greater priority for commercial interests in political debate. Read More

How hard will the Indonesian economy be hit by the current pandemic?

YAN ISLAM | Indonesia rose from the ruins of the 1997-1998 financial crisis in a commendable fashion. Economic recovery from a historically unprecedented… Read More

IMF’s new central bank transparency code: A reflection on PIC efforts

PARMENDRA SHARMA | Griffith Asia Institute member and senior lecturer in the Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics at Griffith University, Dr Parmendra Sharma reflects on the sincere efforts of the central banks of the Pacific Island Countries in making themselves more visible to the public. Read More

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