Other peoples’ air power: Air superiority without fast jets

PETER LAYTON | Say ‘air superiority’ and people instinctively think of highly manoeuvrable aircraft, silk-scarfed fighter pilots, the Battle of Britain and perhaps Top… Read More

Commercial drones: Privatising air power

PETER LAYTON | In irregular wars, the state has traditionally had a monopoly on the use of air power. This has now been overturned. With the… Read More

Australia’s defence strategy: Evaluating alternatives for a contested Asia

PETER LAYTON | Many books on Australian defence simply repeat old beliefs. This valuable new work does not, instead breaking new ground in proposing a… Read More

Contested Multilateralism 2.0 and Asia-Pacific security

After the 2008-2009 GFC, major powers (including the United States and China) were either reinvigorating existing institutions or initiating new institutions in the region, a… Read More

America’s new alliance management

PETER LAYTON | The Trump administration has embraced a new, reductionist approach to managing its alliances. James Mattis, on his first visit to Europe as… Read More

The strategic dimensions of Australia’s new defence minister diarchy

PETER LAYTON | For the first time Australia now has two senior ministers in the Defence portfolio, with Marise Payne as Minister for Defence and… Read More

The Foreign Affairs White Paper probably won’t be a real strategy

PETER LAYTON | Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has laid out some tough parameters for her newly commissioned White Paper. It will set out… Read More

How to overhaul the dismal trade of strategy

PETER LAYTON | There’s no shortage of dark, pessimistic visions out there, including a revisionist Russia, an assertive China, the end of globalisation, a declining… Read More

Security shouldn’t trump economics on the Ausgrid sale

PETER LAYTON | Security trumps economics, or so the Ausgrid saga seems to have taught us. But maybe this framing is all wrong. Security and… Read More

ANZUS pact needs a gold-standard upgrade under Clinton or Trump

PETER LAYTON | Now that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have secured US presidential nominations, the Turnbull government has a narrow window of opportunity to… Read More

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