The ultimate guide to why the COP26 summit ended in failure and disappointment (despite a few bright spots)

ROB HALES AND BRENDAN MACKEY | After two hard-fought weeks of negotiations, the Glasgow climate change summit is, at last, over. All 197 participating countries… Read More

The fate of our planet depends on the next few days of complex diplomacy in Glasgow. Here’s what needs to go right

WESLEY MORGAN | A new, grim projection, released overnight by Climate Action Tracker, has dashed the cautious optimism following last week’s commitments at the UN… Read More

China’s risky path to riches

ROWAN CALLICK | China’s relentless leader Xi Jinping hates the idea of braking, let alone using reverse gear. So in the face of fierce… Read More

Vanuatu: The view from the top of the Happy Planet Index

JAMIE TANGUAY | Vanuatu has recently ranked second in the Happy Planet Index (HPI)—a measure of efficiency in delivering long and happy lives… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 10 November

TESS NEWTON CAIN | PNG and Fiji sign up to carbon offset scheme In Glasgow, on the sidelines of the COP26 negotiations, Fiji and… Read More

Land, culture, livelihood: What Indigenous people stand to lose from climate ‘solutions’

ROB HALES, ROWAN FOLEY, TIM CADMAN AND TONI HAY | In the first major deal of the Glasgow climate summit, more than 100 nations… Read More

COP26: it’s half-time at the crucial Glasgow climate change summit—and here’s the score

WESLEY MORGAN | The first week of the United Nations climate talks in Glasgow is drawing to a close. While there’s still a way… Read More

A new climate for human rights

SUSAN HARRIS RIMMER, CHRISTIAN LANE AND WESLEY MORGAN | This week the world turns its attention to the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow.  While COP26… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 3 November

TESS NEWTON CAIN | Pacific delegations commence work in Glasgow Although the number of delegations attending COP26 from the Pacific is smaller than… Read More

All eyes turn to Indonesia as it takes on the 2022 G20 presidency

CAITLIN BYRNE | Indonesia’s 2022 presidency will provide the G20 with the opportunity to focus on promoting inclusive growth, while demonstrating the country’s growing… Read More

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