China’s attitude to outsiders plummets

The rapid dismemberment of Hong Kong’s lively and internationally facing culture points to a bigger story. That is, that the same suspicious attitude to the… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 7 July

PALM 9 Last week, the leaders of the Pacific Islands Forum met with the Prime Minister of Japan and other government officials for the… Read More

COVID-19 and a coup: Blockage of internet and social media access further exacerbate gender-based violence risks for women in Myanmar

On 1 February 2021, Myanmar’s military seized control of the country and detained State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and President U Win Myint,… Read More

The inclusive institutional balancing of the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation

Among the internal players in the Mekong region, Thailand is the most powerful and the most proactive. In contrast, Vietnam does not have a Vietnamese-led… Read More

The urgency of action: Lessons for COP26 from the COVID-19 pandemic for the Pacific

The upcoming Glasgow COP26 is pivotal. Countries are expected to significantly enhance their commitments on reducing greenhouse emissions—“ratcheting up ambition”, in COP parlance—in order to… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 30 June

Political impasse in Samoa gets closer to resolution It looks like the long and drawn-out political impasse in Samoa is nearing a resolution. On Monday… Read More

Supporting the victims of sexual violence in Myanmar

Conflict-related sexual violence has been a feature of fighting in Myanmar for decades – a crime explicitly singled out by the UN Secretary General since … Read More

International Criminal Court increasing its focus on the Asia Pacific

Government data suggests that at least 8663 thousand people (possibly triple that number) have been killed by police and other groups in the… Read More

The UN resolution on global happiness: An Asian perspective

Bhutan, a small, land-locked Asian country, became one of the first, if not the first, in the world to dethrone GDP and enshrine ‘Gross National… Read More

Chinese power: The new international dynamic | A summary

How the rest of the world responds to what is happening in the People’s Republic of China, is the critical question of our time. How… Read More

Social media and democracy in the Philippines
Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok: A showcase of Russia’s pivot to Asia?
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COVID-19 rhetoric and governance in the Philippines

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