Advancing foreign investment in APEC

TONY MAKIN | Since the early 1990s, international trade growth has persistently eclipsed foreign investment growth in the Asia-Pacific. Over this time Asia-Pacific… Read More

A culture of insecurity

MARK BEESON | It’s not too controversial to suggest that the global environment isn’t in great shape, or even that it may never be… Read More

Learning in the grey zone: how democracies can meet the authoritarian challenge

MATTHEW SUSSEX | Innovation by authoritarian nations in the ‘grey zone’ is becoming one of the most serious challenges facing contemporary democracies. It… Read More

Perspectives:Asia | Asian-Australians: Enabling and elevating Australia’s competitive advantage to succeed in Asia

PERSPECTIVES:ASIA | JIEH-YUNG LO | Asian-Australians: Enabling and elevating Australia’s competitive advantage to succeed in Asia presented by Jieh-Yung Lo, Director, Centre… Read More

Australia’s closed border is costing the economy $36.5 million a day

Australia doesn’t expect to reopen its international borders until well into 2022. The border has been closed since March 2020. That decision has been instrumental… Read More

Unprecedented is not a reason to be unprepared

With the Oceania region ranked as the greatest disaster risk area worldwide, Peter Layton says countries need to improve their responses to crises and disasters as unprecedented times may call for unprecedented solutions. Read More

Australia has more to lose in a human rights ‘face off’ with China

COLIN MACKERRAS | China is stepping up human rights accusations against Australia following numerous condemnations Australia has made on the same grounds. Before… Read More

Southeast Asia Snapshot #9

A fortnightly snapshot of what’s making headlines in South East Asia. Malaysia deports more than 1,000 Myanmar nationals Earlier this week Malaysia deported 1,086… Read More

A look back at the Cambodia economy in 2020

As 2020 drew to a close, Cambodia officially recorded zero deaths from the coronavirus pandemic. But while Cambodia has seemingly avoided a high death toll… Read More

Regionalism in retreat

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  Prophesies of the end of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) as we know it are close to being fulfilled… Read More


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