Reimagining a future that values the lives, experiences and cultures across the Asia Pacific

EMILY HOUSE | Our futures are constantly shaped by the past. But who is this future shaped for? The future is often offered to… Read More

Deep listening: Putting communities at the forefront of making meaningful art

FELICITY CASTAGNA | As part of QAGOMA’s 10th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT10) several community and arts leaders were brought together to… Read More

Making visible in resistance to the conventional terms of recognition

STEVEN PIDGEON | Questioning why certain stories are told while others are erased, as well as who decides which is which, is a powerful… Read More

Invisibility: What we see and don’t see

FLORA WONG  |  There was a moment during the process of submitting my application to undertake a PhD when I felt invisible. In a section… Read More

Art as diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific region

CAITLIN BYRNE  |  An ongoing aim in Australian diplomacy is to deepen the nation’s engagement with the dynamism and diversity of the Asia… Read More

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