The rise and decline of the World Bank’s Doing Business Report: Why India and Indonesia should be concerned

YAN ISLAM | There was a time when the creators of the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index (EoDB) encapsulated in its… Read More

If pushed far enough, would Myanmar leave ASEAN?

ANDREW SELTH  |   The decision by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations not to invite Myanmar’s military leader to two related summits… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 20 October

TESS NEWTON CAIN  | PNG COVID-19 crisis worsens As more information comes in from provinces across Papua New Guinea, a picture is building of the… Read More

Could defections threaten the survival of Myanmar’s military regime?

ANDREW SELTH  |   When Myanmar’s generals seized power on 1 February, sparking an immediate and massive public reaction, it soon became clear the coup… Read More

What is COP26 and why does the fate of Earth, and Australia’s prosperity, depend on it?

WESLEY MORGAN | In just over two weeks, more than 100 world leaders will gather in the Scottish industrial city of Glasgow for… Read More

One region, one family, one report: Activating trade and investment between Australia and the Pacific islands region

CAITLIN BYRNE AND TESS NEWTON CAIN  |    Pacific island nations, like many others in the Asia Pacific, face a long and challenging… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 13 October

TESS NEWTON CAIN | Fiji sets the date for the reopening of international borders In Fiji, there have been further relaxations to… Read More

Countering China’s grey zone strategy

PETER LAYTON | China’s grey zone activities grind remorseless on but in so doing are creating an opposing pushback. As is customary,… Read More

Chinese warplanes overhead Taiwan (or maybe not)

PETER LAYTON | China’s PLA Air Force’s (PLAAF) latest flights into the Taiwanese Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) have gained people’s… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 6 October

TESS NEWTON CAIN | Pacific countries caught up in ‘Pandora Papers’ revelations Two countries in the Pacific islands region feature in revelations in the ‘Pandora… Read More


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