Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 8 December

TESS NEWTON CAIN | Motion of No Confidence debated in Solomon Islands Monday saw the Parliament of Solomon Islands meet to debate a motion… Read More

Labor’s 2030 climate target betters the Morrison government, but Australia must go much further, much faster

WESLEY MORGAN | The Labor opposition has pledged to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by 43% this decade based on 2005 levels, claiming… Read More

Only a truly national security strategy can forestall disaster

PETER LAYTON | There is much talk of war drums beating, China battles and military deployments to North East Asia. Such… Read More

Australia’s scrapping of Antarctic aerodrome could pave the runway for China

ELIZABETH BUCHANAN | While environmentalists have welcomed the Australian government’s decision to abandon the Davis aerodrome project in Antarctica, China is likely now drafting… Read More

Southeast Asia Snapshot #15

SOVINDA PO | President Duterte to run for the 2022 Philippines Senate Although he vowed to retire from politics after the end of… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 1 December

TESS NEWTON CAIN | Solomon Islands focus shifts to Parliament Further to the riots of last week in Honiara, the weekend saw community… Read More

As Australia deploys troops and police, what now for Solomon Islands?

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |     On Thursday evening, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced Australia would deploy police, diplomats and defence force personnel to Solomon… Read More

Delivering services to respond to sexual and gender-based violence in fragile contexts

PHYU PHYU OO AND SARA E DAVIES | The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nearly 1 in 3 women aged 15 and older… Read More

Uptight and uncomfortable

RENÉE JEFFERY | Human rights occupy a curiously uncomfortable place in Australian foreign policy. Like liberal democracies the world over, Australia’s foreign policy… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 24 November

TESS NEWTON CAIN |  Elections in Tonga General elections were held in Tonga at the end of last week. Of a total of 26… Read More

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