January, 2020

Keeping the Australian Defence Force in the climate-change fight

A month on from my earlier post on bringing the Australian Defence Force into the global warming fight, a lot has changed. Responding… Read More

Regional wrap

The year 2020 seems to be on a relentlessly challenging course- while Australia continues to grapple with the bushfire crisis, the Indo-Pacific region now has… Read More

Networked G20 governance for the twenty-first century

The Group of Twenty’s (G20) networked global governance could become one of its most enduring influences on the twenty-first century. The forum’s inclusion of more… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin

Pacific island countries take action on Coronavirus Pacific countries are taking action as the Coronavirus spreads. There are no reported cases of the disease in… Read More

Remittances vis-à-vis bank credit and investments in Pacific island countries: The case of Fiji

Remittances––the transmission of money and goods to households by migrant workers for reasons of altruism, insurance and investment––have increased steadily over the years to become… Read More

The difficulties and possibilities of the G20’s support of liberalism

Vladimir Putin’s claim that liberalism had “become obsolete” contrasts with the ways that liberalism continues to produce practical benefits enjoyed by many societies around the… Read More

Pacific predictions 2020

As we enter not only a new year but a new decade, there is much to anticipate in the Pacific islands region. Elections and domestic… Read More

2020: Year of the Rat

This year the Chinese New Year falls on 25 January, somewhat earlier than usual. This time it’s the year of the rat, which is the… Read More

Japanese trade and investment policies amid the US-China trade friction

During the G20 Osaka summit, world leaders successfully produced a number of substantial outcomes on trade issues due to strong initiatives by the Japanese government. Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin

Tropical Cyclone Tino storms through the region Tropical Cyclone Tino has made its way through the region. Severe weather conditions have affected communities in Tuvalu,… Read More

COVID-19 has disrupted data collection as well…
Imagining a new post-COVID-19 international economic order for the Pacific islands
Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 15 July
China, if you think everyone’s against you, it’s time to reflect

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