It’s Trimester 2 exam season and Griffith Library has some tips on how hard work and persistence can make that ‘Good luck with exams!’ a sure result.  

The basics: 

Make sure you take a look at your timetable as exam and assessment dates may differ depending on your school and subject. We also suggest double checking the day before to ensure you have everything you need for the exam.  

For those who may need different accessibility to their exams, contact our Student Accessibility and Disability team or see if you can request an online exam as an alternative. 

Now that the administrative work is out of the way, here’s a quick overview of some tips to increase your ‘luck.’ 

  1. Start early – begin studying as soon as possible to make sure you can review all the material you’ve learnt through the trimester. Cramming last minute adds stress, induces mind blanks and affects your sleep – which is the opposite of helpful on exam day.  
  2. Create a study schedule instead of just winging it – plan out study sessions for each subject to make sure all your bases are covered. Use our online study planner to help you prioritise and visualise your studies amongst the activities in your life.  
  3. Break it (chunk it) down – break down a whole trimester worth of material into smaller, more manageable chunks. Don’t hesitate to work with our Study Support Student Mentors or attend Peer-Assisted Study Sessions if you need help. 
  4. Know yourself – take a quiz to see what type of student you are. Do you have negative self talk? Are you better with numbers, stories? How do you best learn? 
  5. Check out some of the Griffith Library resources on exams, such as The Study Skills Handbook, Exam Success and Passing Exams for Dummies  

On the day: 

  • Get in early – know the location of your exam, where to park or how to get there by public transport 
  • Sleep, eat, hydrate – sleep is necessary for the brain to do its best. Eating will give your body the energy to focus and water keeps everything working smoothly. 
  • Be kind to yourself – positivity and confidence can have a significant impact on your performance. Exams are difficult for everyone, but learning is a lifelong journey and Griffith University is here to help you every step of the way. 

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our video of Griffith students explaining their own successes and mistakes in study for exam day. For further reading on study skills and Griffith exams, check out some of our other blog posts 

Good luck! 

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