Sara Davies

Hidden wars: Gendered political violence in Asia’s civil conflicts

SARA E DAVIES AND JACQUI TRUE | Introducing “Hidden Wars: Gendered Political Violence in Asia’s Civil Conflicts” by Sara E Davies and Jacqui… Read More

COVID-19 in the Indo-Pacific: Gendered risks, impact and response

SARA E DAVIES AND ROBIN E ROBERTS  |  The global upheaval caused by COVID-19 extended beyond health, affecting food production… Read More

The persistence of sexual violence in conflict: Ending the zero-sum approach

SARA E DAVIES AND JACQUI TRUE | Over twenty years ago, UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) on Women, Peace and Security… Read More

Weapon of war in Europe? The escalation of sexual and gender-based violence in Ukraine-Russia conflict

SARA E DAVIES AND JACQUI TRUE | Like all wars the Ukrainian crisis has distinct and devastating impacts on women and children. Read More

Delivering services to respond to sexual and gender-based violence in fragile contexts

PHYU PHYU OO AND SARA E DAVIES | The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nearly 1 in 3 women aged 15 and older… Read More

Supporting the victims of sexual violence in Myanmar

PHYU PHYU OO AND SARA E DAVIES | Conflict-related sexual violence has been a feature of fighting in Myanmar for decades – a… Read More

Conflict zones and COVID-19’s impact on sexual and gender-based violence reporting

SARA E DAVIES, PHYU PHYU OO, YOLANDA RIVEROS-MORALES AND JACQUI TRUE | COVID-19 has paradoxically made sexual and gender-based violence in the home both… Read More

Strengthening pandemic preparedness and response begins with answering the question: Where are the women?

CLARE WENHAM, SUMEGHA ASTHANA, ARUSH LAL, ROOPA DHATT, MAIKE VOSS, ALEXANDRA PHELAN AND SARA E DAVIES | Research from the Ebola and Zika epidemics clearly demonstrated that… Read More

Can COVID-19 advance gender equality in China’s health policies?

The coronavirus pandemic revealed the disconnect between wishful official edicts and rigid social conventions. Read More

Asia Stories | Fieldwork in Southeast Asia with Professor Sara Davies

In Asia Stories, Professor Renee Jeffery chats with Professor Sara Davies about her research journey. Read More

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