Peter Layton

Warfare in the robotics age

ASH ROSSITER AND PETER LAYTON  |  Introducing “Warfare in the Robotics Age“—exploring the future of conflict The emergence of robotics and autonomous… Read More

Duelling battle networks: The new equilibrium

PETER LAYTON | With digital technology omnipresent, future major wars will most likely pivot around duelling battle networks. These complicated systems represent unique target sets best attacked through using system of system thinking and emerging ideas of cognitive warfare. Particularly given China’s “systems confrontation” focus, attacking battle networks is an idea that can’t be neglected. Time to think deeply about it. Read More

Danger Will Robinson: Warfighting robots fast approaching

PETER LAYTON | "Mass is the new black"... In his latest piece, Peter Layton warns that cheap drones built in the thousands are setting the scene for future conflicts. Read More

US military plans to unleash thousands of autonomous war robots over next two years

PETER LAYTON | The United States military plans to start using thousands of autonomous weapons systems in the next two years in a bid… Read More

‘Every flight is a learning event’: Why the V-22 Osprey aircraft won’t be grounded despite dozens of crashes and 54 fatalities

PETER LAYTON | At the weekend a V-22 Osprey aircraft crashed on Melville Island north of Darwin. Of the 23 US Marine Corps personnel onboard,… Read More

A Queensland defence and security perspective

PETER LAYTON | Australia has no international land borders but only just. Queensland’s Saibai Island is only 4km from Papua New Guinea… Read More

What’s behind Australia’s $1 billion defence deal with Germany?

PETER LAYTON | Early last year, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz declared Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a major historical turning point—a zeitenwende. That turning point… Read More

Australian Defence’s Forgotten Indian Ocean Territories

PETER LAYTON | ‘Location, location, location’ is the key to understanding Australia’s Indian Ocean Territories (IOT). Christmas Island is some 1500km from Australia with… Read More

AUKUS sets sail in the Indo-Pacific

PETER LAYTON | Australia’s acquisition of a replacement for its Collins class conventional submarine fleet is proving remarkably complicated. The 2009 Australian Defence White… Read More

Helping AUKUS last the distance

PETER LAYTON | While defence matters usually receive limited meaningful public debate in Australia, the government will need to take a different approach if… Read More


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