Elise Stephenson

Breaking boundaries to reimagine space is crucial

SARAH FURMAN AND ELISE STEPHENSON | The Deputy Head of NASA, Pam Melroy, was clear in telling her Australian audience in early… Read More

The latest risk: the intelligence sector’s stifling lack of diversity?

ELISE STEPHENSON AND SUSAN HARRIS RIMMER | In recent years, many global intelligence agencies are turning their eye inward with major reforms,… Read More

Expanding the Women, Peace and Security agenda to the next frontier—space

KAREENA DHILLON AND ELISE STEPHENSON | The United Nations’ Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda reflects strong evidence that involving women in… Read More

Old inequalities, new space? Women, peace and space security

ELISE STEPHENSON AND CASSANDRA STEER | Senior US Space Force officials visiting Australia have warned that a conflict in space in the… Read More

The most successful female diplomats? Women with wives

New research has revealed that women diplomats with female partners fared better than their heterosexual female colleagues in terms of meeting the demands of international deployment and the extraordinary requirements of diplomacy. Read More

Exploring Asia | Experiences

Want to experience Asia during your undergraduate degree, but don’t know what to expect? Griffith University students and alumni share their studying, working and cultural experiences, providing valuable tips, insights and some laughs for students aiming to travel to Asia. Read More

Poverty and power: Women’s entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific region

The Asia-Pacific region is changing the world. It hums with an entrepreneurial energy and spirit of opportunity that permeates everywhere from local marketplaces to the sprawling headquarters of multinational corporations. Read More

Asia Stories | Antifragility in academia: Combining research and engagement

Elise Stephenson chats about her creative projects and research in Asia. This conversation explores Elise’s career, thesis, and work in ASEAN on public diplomacy programs as part of Australia now. Read More

COVID-19 responses: Why feminist leadership matters in a crisis

Gender equality is not just for good times, it matters in a crisis. Susan Harris Rimmer and Elise Stephenson on Covid19 Read More

Women’s leadership in universities in the Australia and Hong Kong, SAR

Article by Elise Stephenson An equitable number of women and men leaders in our society is crucial to be able to fully capitalise on future growth,… Read More


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