The obfuscation of human rights in the climate change discourse in the Pacific

The United Nations human rights committee, who heard the case between Teitiota v New Zealand  in January, obfuscated Teitiota’s argument on human rights when… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin

Horizon corruption scandal erupts in Australia and extends to PNG Horizon Oil is at the heart of a corruption scandal that has erupted in Australia… Read More

How to think of social media activism in Cambodia

In Cambodia, Facebook is social media. When it swept across Cambodia by the late 2000s, few analysts anticipated the social and political implications that would… Read More

Despite its Pacific ‘step-up’, Australia is still not listening to the region, new research shows

The Australian government has spent the past year promoting its “Pacific step-up” as one of the country’s “highest foreign policy priorities”. Although there has… Read More

Jokowi’s visit shows the Australia-Indonesia relationship is strong, but faultlines remain

Indonesian President Joko Widodo – Jokowi – has shown himself to be generally less interested in international affairs than his predecessor, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY). Read More

Four reasons why the Indo-Pacific matters in 2020

If there is one place in the world that we need to keep our eyes on for a better understanding of the dynamics of international… Read More

It’s election year in Vanuatu…things could get interesting

Into the already febrile political chatter of Port Vila in this election year came the announcement on Wednesday that several outgoing MPs may face bribery… Read More

The difficulties and possibilities of the G20’s support of liberalism

Vladimir Putin’s claim that liberalism had “become obsolete” contrasts with the ways that liberalism continues to produce practical benefits enjoyed by many societies around the… Read More

Media repression in Melanesia

I was exceptionally fortunate to be invited to attend the recent Melanesia Media Freedom Forum at the Griffith University’s South Bank campus in Brisbane. Read More

Foreigners, fighting and phaleristics: Military medals in British Burma

It has been said that a country’s culture is a window unto its soul. With this in mind, it has become commonplace for scholars to… Read More

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