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China’s footprint in the Pacific

Sheldon Chanel shares commentary on the recent "China In the Pacific" webinar as China’s footprint in the Pacific is expected to grow despite the impact of COVID-19. Read More

Cash-“less”, cash-“more” or…? How the pandemic is affecting trends in the PICs

In recent times, there has been a global “push” or trend otherwise, led largely by the new generation to go more and more cash “less”… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 26 August

COVID-19 vaccine concerns in Papua New Guinea The race to find a vaccine to COVID-19 and the attendant geopolitical posturing has found its way to… Read More

Envisioning a Pacific labour market

COVID-19 has demonstrated the central part that connection plays in our lives. We have experienced what can be achieved when people work together and what… Read More

Will Indonesia succumb to a secular growth slow-down? If so, does it matter?

In an iconoclastic paper, Lant Pritchett and Larry Summers (2015), question the standard view that emerging economies in the Asian region that are currently growing… Read More

Pacific Finance and Economic Ministers meet online

Earlier this month the Finance and Economic Ministers of the Pacific Islands Forum member countries met in an online setting. This meeting is one of… Read More

Access to education and its impact on gender disparity in Laos

For the Asia Pacific Women thought leadership series, Andrea Haefner discusses access to education and its impact on gender disparity in Laos Read More

Central banking roles, financial strength, and reputation

Central banks have increasingly become a country’s national identity. Their roles are uniquely defined in their charters and have become important pillars supporting and managing… Read More

A closer look at youth entrepreneurship in the Pacific

The developmental futures of Pacific states are intrinsically intertwined with the entrepreneurial opportunities available to their youth populations. Aidan Craney discusses further. Read More

Financial inclusion of informal women market vendors in Port Moresby

As part of the Asia Pacific Women thought leadership series, Dr Elizabeth Kopel, shares insights on women market vendors in Port Moresby. Read More


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