Basic support


General WordPress publishing support is available on their site. There are standard Griffith templates available, we don’t support the use of any custom plugins that aren’t installed for you with the default Griffith Theme.

WordPress supplies comprehensive support information on setting up, basic usage, administration and more that you can find here:

If you are just starting out in WordPress, your blog will be installed and set up on your behalf, so we strongly recommend skipping through and reading through the Basic usage support documentation for publishing work.

Advanced support


If the basic support provided on the WordPress website is not suitable for your needs you may to log a job with the Web Management team or the Web Applications team.

To contact Web Management team:

If your issue cannot be resolved by the Web management team you will be advised to request further support from our Web Applications team.

To contact the Web Applications team:

  • Fill out the ITSC help form.
  • In your request notes ensure the job is allocated to this team: “EIS – SDS Web Applications“.