Welcome to the exciting world of university life! Starting university is a significant milestone and marks the beginning of a journey filled with growth, learning, and self-discovery.  To ensure you make the most of this experience and maintain your well-being, we have compiled a comprehensive well-being guide to help you through your journey. 

Embrace the transition  

Remember everyone around you is in a similar boat, so take your time to adjust to the new environment.  Give yourself permission to make mistakes and learn from them.  

Establish a routine 

Plan your study time, class schedules and extracurricular activities thoughtfully.  Having a routine helps you stay organised, reduces stress, and ensures you can strike a balance between academics and personal life. 

Prioritise self-care 

Don’t forget to take care of your well-being.  Eat nutritious meals, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep.  It’s essential for your physical and mental health.  When you take care of yourself, you’ll have the energy and focus to excel in your studies and make the most of your university experience. For more tips on maintaining your well-being while studying, visit Griffith’s Healthy Living page. 

Build a support network  

Starting university can feel overwhelming but remember you’re not alone.  Reach out and build a support network.  Join clubs and organisations that align with your interests and don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to your peers.  Creating a support network will provide you with a sense of belonging and make university much more enjoyable. 

Seek help when needed  

Whether it’s academic challenges, personal concerns, or simply feeling homesick, know that there are resources available to help you.  

  • You can find a variety of resources and support for your mental and physical well-being via Griffith’s Online Health and Wellness Centre.  
  • Your Course Convenor is there to answer questions about your course content and exam requirements. You can also reach out to your lecturer or tutor.   
  • Student Connect has the answers when it comes to enrolment, program structure, deferring exams and other administrative questions.   
  • The Library is here to support your study with our services and resources. For specialist advice, use our online Get help from the Library form.   

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