The trimester has well and truly begun and now that you’re starting to get settled into your classes it’s time to start working towards your academic goals. Fortunately, The Library is here to help! We hold a range of workshops to help you structure your assignments, ace your exams and research like a pro.  

Here are some upcoming workshops: 

Office, OneDrive and Teams – Wednesday 26 July 1pm – 2pm 

Did you know that as a Griffith student you get access to a Microsoft Office Suite licence? In this workshop you’ll get to know some of the essential tools you’ll be using as a student.  

Understanding Assignments – Thursday 27 July 11am – 12pm 

How do you know exactly what an assignment is asking you to do? This workshop will show you how to unpack an assignment questions, use marking criteria as a guideline and understand the different formats you might be expected to write.  

Understanding Referencing – Wednesday 2 August 7pm – 8pm 

Referencing is an element of academic writing that causes a lot of anxiety in new students. This workshop will help demystify referencing which is a skill you will need throughout your studies.  

Structuring Assignments – Thursday 3 August 11am – 12pm 

How do you structure writing for your assignment? This session will provide tips on how to structure your assignment, so it meets academic requirements. Specifically, it will focus on introductions, body paragraphs and conclusions. 

Using References in your Writing – Thursday 10 August 11am – 12pm 

Learn how to use references in your academic writing. 

Preparing for Exams – Thursday 28 September 11am – 12pm 

I know exams feel very far away but it’s always best to be prepared. This workshop will help you find strategies for planning your time, and give you tips on the most effective ways to get yourself ready to fly through your exams.  

Make sure to register your interest in these workshops. 

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