Do you have repair skills? 

Griffith University Repair Café is a student-lead initiative to bring life back to broken items. Landfill and waste negatively contribute to water, soil and air pollution but we can reduce our waste and transition to a circular economy. At our Repair Café, students and staff can bring in broken items to be potentially fixed.  

A sustainable practice, we are putting out a call for volunteers who can help. 

Helpful repair skills include: 

  • sewing and mending 
  • jewellery 
  • woodwork  
  • ability to fix mechanical and electronic devices. 

Volunteers are vital to the continuation of Repair Cafes and a sustainable future of reduce, reuse, recycle. 

Let us know your interest today: Repair Cafe (  

Griffith University supports the Sustainable Development Goals    

logo for Sustainable Development Goal 11: sustainable cities and communities The icon for Goal 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals. An infinity symbol with the words reading Responsible Consumption and Production The icon for Goal 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals. It's a green eye with the earth as a puil and reads Climate Action

Sustainable Development Goals 

The Right to Repair initiative is part of the Law Futures Centre’s commitment to address issues such as sustainable cities and communities; responsible consumption and production; and climate change for the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs.).