While millions of lives depend on blood transfusions, low and middle-income countries face an acute shortage of safe blood and blood products. World Blood Donor Day, celebrated on 14 June each year, reminds us that by choosing to donate blood regularly, not only do we give a precious, life-saving gift, we play a vital role in making universal access to safe blood transfusion a reality. The Day also aims to drive governments to invest in national blood services, which are a critical component of an effective health system.  

By regularly hosting Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Mobile Donor Centres, Griffith strengthens the pool of repeat blood donors who are key to building a secure, sustainable blood supply.  

Get involved 

To become a donor and share life with those in need this World Blood Donor Day, check your eligibility and book an appointment at a donation centre. 

Mobile Donor Centres will operate at the Nathan and Gold Coast campuses: 

Nathan campus:
4 – 6 September 

Gold Coast campus:
3 – 4 August
28 – 31 August 

Download the Donate Blood app to: 

  • register as a blood donor 
  • book and manage donations, then sync with your calendar so you remember 
  • find your nearest Lifeblood Donor Centre with opening hours and directions 
  • watch your donation tally grow 
  • check when you can give blood again 
  • see whether you’re eligible to donate 
  • find the answers to frequently asked questions 
  • monitor your health stats (like your blood pressure). 

Explore Griffith research 

Find out more about donor motivation and behaviour by checking out some of Griffith’s remarkable open access research: 

It’s my choice! Investigating barriers to pro-social blood donating behaviour 

Blood Donation: Comparing individual characteristics, attitudes, and feelings of donors and nondonors 

Donating blood and organs: using an extended theory of planned behavior perspective to identify similarities and differences in individual motivations to donate 

Find more open access research on blood donation and safe blood services in Griffith Research Online. 

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