It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday and we encourage you to take the opportunity to value and thank all the mums in your lives. Whether it’s your own mum or anyone else you respect as a mother-figure, reflect on how much they mean to you. 

Send a card or flowers, make a phone call, reminisce over fond memories, or if you’re lucky enough to be living near them, simply make some time to spend together. But whatever you do, make sure they are remembered, loved and appreciated. 

Mums are an important part of our student community, studying hard to pursue their dreams whilst also supporting their families. We say a special thank you to all these mothers, who inspire us with their determination and passion! Remember that the Library is always here to help if you ever feel you need a little extra support with your studies. 

We also have many mothers working in our libraries, so if you happen to be studying in the Library on Sunday, think of all those mums who are spending their Mother’s Day working to help you. Be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their dedication and expertise. 

To all the mums out there: we thank you all for all that you do! 

Happy Mother’s Day!