Are you savvy with a smartphone? Do you know how to join a Teams meeting, talk with friends and family through social media and upload assignments to Canvas?  

Is using Griffith Library so easy for you that you could type in your search terms blindfolded? 

Or is it a bit harder than that? 

Information is everywhere, and a lot of information is available online. As technology becomes so prevalent in our day to day lives, digital skills are now necessary for lifelong learning. 

It can be a little overwhelming as technologies change but don’t let worry stop you from increasing your digital skills to make your personal and learning life more convenient. 

What are digital skills then?  

Digitial skills involve being able to find, critically evaluate, utilise, share and create information and content whether that be via your computer, a USB, a smartphone or more. As a University that aspires to provide inclusive digital experiences for our students that will support graduates in contemporary work and society, the library has created a resource to help. 

Have a look at our Develop your Digital Skills page on the library website to learn about digital literacy, understand how to protect yourself in the cyber world, learn effective email communication and watch examples of how to record and edit videos.  

Take the digital dexterity quiz today to identify your strengths and weaknesses and build your digital competency today.