As we head towards hot summer days, what other reason do you need to dive into a pool or dip your toes in the ocean? Well, here’s one: research shows that water activity can improve your mental health and wellbeing! Bond University researchers found that aquatic activity such as swimming, surfing and water aerobics can improve your mood and reduce anxiety and depression. Some of the factors that are attributed to this improved wellbeing includes the relaxed aquatic environment and the low-impact on the body.  This in turn results in lower blood pressure and an improved feeling of wellbeing. 

Interestingly, the social connection of engaging in aquatic activities with a friend or as a group was shown to increase the overall wellbeing effect.  

A few key tips to help you get started: 

  • Find a water activity that you can engage in regularly. 
  • Look to include other people in that activity, such as colleagues and friends. 
  • Undertake your activity with the commitment of being consistent. 

If you’re looking for some splashy good times on campus, you can make use of the pools at Mt Gravatt or Gold Coast. Our South Bank campuses are also handily close to the Streets Beach by the Brisbane River. Just don’t try and swim in the river.