Wherever you are, we’re here. 

Are you on campus studying in the sun or browsing the Library’s collection for material for your next assignment? Or maybe you’re studying from home or even overseas? You could even be sitting on a bus or tram, catching up on course readings before a lecture….  

Wherever you are, you can rely on the Library’s vast range of online resources to help you develop your knowledge and enhance your learning. Discover the Library’s resources now.

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There’s more to the Library than you might guess!  

Here’s what other students are saying about using the Digital Library to help them navigate their busy university lives.  

‘Online would be the best (library) channel as it is available at any time and it is convenient since I don’t have to leave my house or leave the place I’m studying.’

– Griffith student, 2021.

Yes, in the dead of night, sitting at a café or on your break at work you can find the answer to frequently asked questions via the AskUs page or get study tips from our Study webpages 

You’ve no doubt noticed how expensive textbooks are! The solution? Access your course Reading lists online through the Library. 

‘I have to read some required readings and the text books are very expensive to buy online. So I read it online at the Griffith [Library] website, it is very useful and lets students like me that cannot afford to buy one read the text.’

– Griffith student, 2021.

It’s easy—search for your course code via the Reading list system to find your required and recommended readings, or access via the Reading List link on your Learning@Griffith course site.  

 So, now you’ve got to start on that assignment, which means you’ll need to look for assignment research resources 

‘On my current assignment… I appreciate the filter options on the online service to ensure I find the most accurate and useful research papers. I filter by date, within the last 5 years, and the type of article I am after such as journal, article or book.’

– Griffith student, 2021

You can filter your search results to find exactly what you need.  You’ll become an expert catalogue navigator in no time by following some of the search tips here. 

Now that you’ve found your resources, you’ll need to keep track of what you’ve read and will use in your assignment. The Library will make Referencing easy. 

‘I don’t know what I would do without your referencing tool, Your page really gets me through, now I understand what I did not in school.’

– Sammy, Griffith student, 2021

It’s no secret our Referencing guides will make your assignment preparation and writing easier. And they’re available night and day, all year round!  

The Library is always here to help 24/7 with our digital services and resources. Explore the Library webpage and get the most out of your Library. 

If you prefer talking to our staff, you can contact us via chat, phone or email.   

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