8 June is World Ocean Day. The 2022 theme for the day is ‘One Ocean, One Climate, One Future – Together.’ Griffith University works in partnership with other research institutions to provide valuable insight into ways in which our oceans can be preserved.  

World Ocean Day provides advocacy and awareness for conservation efforts and climate change issues. The event website provides resources and ways you can take action. World Ocean Day has a close alignment with a number of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The UN Sustainable Development group referenced the ‘sustainable blue economy’ in a tweet promoting the upcoming UN Ocean Conference: 

A screenshot of a tweet from the UN Sustainable development group. The text reads ‘If we want to #SaveOurOcean, the sustainable blue economy must shift from the model of simple resource extractions and transition to a circular and inclusive economic model. To learn more, join the Sustainable Blue Economy forum at the UN Ocean Conference bit.ly/UNEOCSBEIF


The ‘blue economy’ refers to ocean-based development opportunities with environmental stewardship and protection.

Griffith University is a signatory to the Sustainable Development Goals, and is currently ranked 38th in the world in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings for taking meaningful strides towards accomplishing SDGs such as:

  • good health and well-being
  • reduced inequalities
  • peace, justice and strong institutions
  • partnerships for the goals.

In the context of ocean sustainability, Griffith is a partner in the Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre.

A person is snorkelling below the surface of the water. They are taking measurements and writing on a pad.

As Australia reacts to climate change and begins transitioning away from fossil-fuels as energy sources, it is valuable to see the Blue Economy’s proposed balance of economic activity with long-term ecosystem capacity for sustainable industries. You can read the progressive contributions of Griffith Researchers to the Blue Economy CRC’s body of research through these articles:

2020: The Blue Economy and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals: Challenges and opportunities

2021: Blue Economy and the total environment: Mapping the interface

2022: A review of support tools to assess multi-sector interactions in the emerging offshore Blue Economy

Find more Griffith research for the Blue Economy from Griffith Research Online.