Queensland Day is a celebration of Queensland’s past, present and future.   

Commemorated annually on 6 June, Queensland Day ask all Queenslanders to reflect on our state’s culture, diversity and heritage and what makes you proud to be a Queenslander—whether it be the people, places, opportunities or lifestyle. (Queensland Government, 2022) 

Get involved this Queensland Day and share your state pride by joining Multicultural Australia’s Queensland Day LUMINOUS Lantern Parade 2022 on Friday 10 June.  

Want some more good news to start your week? 

Researchers from Griffith University are looking to collect cell samples of every marine species on the planet with the launch of Australia’s first marine wildlife cell bank. Marine ecologist and eco-toxicologist Dr Jason van de Merwe from Griffith’s own Australian Rivers Institute said the cell bank was established to address the lack of marine wildlife cell cultures for research purposes. Access to the bank is available to researchers worldwide, with frozen samples of cell cultures shipped on request.  

The Griffith Sciences researcher said while he primarily uses cell cultures for toxicological studies, they can also be used for studies on virology, microbiology, physiology and more. Collaboration is required to gather the cell cultures, with Sea World providing some of the tissue samples for cell cultures currently in the bank. Dr van de Merwe is now searching for partners to bolster collection efforts. (Paige Carfrae, 2021)