Whether you’re looking for some solitude or collaborating with classmates, the Library has a place for everyone. You’re always welcome to visit any of our six campus libraries, whether you’re studying online or usually based at a particular campus. Take a look at all the options we’ve got for you: 

Silent or quiet study 

The Library has silent and quiet study spaces for when you need to focus and work without distractions. Look for the signage in your Library or speak to our staff for directions.  

When working in a designated silent or quiet study area, remember to be mindful of others and don’t forget to bring your headphones! 

Social study 

Collaboration can play an important part in your university experience, whether you’re working on a group presentation with classmates or preparing for an exam with a study buddy. The Library’s social study spaces are the perfect place for a chat, so find a table to share or snag a comfortable chair and start collaborating. 

Study rooms 

Need more privacy? Book a study room online via the Study spaces webpage. 

If you’re having trouble making a study room booking, finding your way around the Library or want more information about the different spaces available, just contact us.   

A safe place for everyone 

If you ever feel unsafe or need support, please speak to our friendly Library staff or access the resources on the Safe Campuses webpage 

The Library is also a designated Safe Place for LGBTI staff and students; you can learn more by viewing the online module Walking in rainbow shoes