Are you using the right digital tools to conduct your research? Are your methods as efficient and secure as they could be? Can you keep track of your sources, your data and your thoughts? ‘Digital Tools for Research’ offers a comprehensive overview of digital tools to make the modern researcher’s life easier. 

The workshop looks at each phase that your research project goes through, including development, research, analysis, writing and publication.  The workshop also suggests  tools that might suit your workflow at each phase. By attending this workshop, we guarantee you’ll come away with at least one thing that you can use to improve your research life! 


‘This workshop was excellent and there were tools introduced I wished I had in my undergraduate degree. I think it would be valuable as a mandatory research workshop for students at every level.’  

Workshop attendee, July 2021 


Come and find out what other researchers have in their toolkit and leave inspired with new ideas for managing your own research. 

Date and Time: 10 am, 27 October 2021 

Where: Online 

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