It’s that time of the trimester, where assignment due dates are starting to get closer. Here are some tips on editing and improving your assignments to get that grade you want.  

Edit and Proofread 

  • Have you done everything the assignment requires? (Tip: check your marking criteria) 
  • Have you followed the required structure? 
  • Is your thesis/argument clearly stated? 
  • Have you reread your draft and checked that it’s well-organised? 
  • Are your transitions between paragraphs smooth?  
  • Does the evidence you used back up your argument? 
  • Is your formatting consistent? 
  • Have you checked your spelling and grammar? (Tip: read it out loud to help pick up any typos) 
  • Have you referenced all your sources properly? (Tip: check out our referencing guides) 

Review and apply feedback 

Once you get your marked assignment back, the feedback is there to help you. Review it and see how you can improve next time: 

  • Clarify any feedback you don’t understand with your lecturer 
  • Apply any relevant feedback to future assignments.  


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