Which workshops are being offered?

Are you a researcher or higher degree by research candidate looking to further your education and development? Our upcoming online workshops will provide you with vital skills for your research career.

7 September: Copyright, publishing and open access considerations is a Q & A session with Antony Ley, Information Policy Officer on copyright, publishing and open access considerations across all research disciplines. This workshop is your one-stop shop for all your copyright needs.

9 September: An introduction to digital texts and tools for HASS research is an information session that introduces digital methods and tools in humanities and social sciences scholarship.

14 September: Navigating the publishing maze for early career researchers will introduce you to common strategies to resolve issues involved with academic publishing.

15 September: Introduction to data wrangling with OpenRefine is an introductory workshop where you will learn time-saving data wrangling skills using OpenRefine and say goodbye to messy research data.

16 September: Gale Digital Scholar Lab is a workshop that will provide you with a user-friendly digital toolkit for exploring and analysing Gale’s Primary Source content or your own textual data.

21 September: Advanced data wrangling with OpenRefine will build on the earlier introductory session from 15 September. You will learn advanced data wrangling skills including combining tabular datasets, geolocating data, and ‘what if’ exploration using OpenRefine.


How do I join a workshop?

Register via the Researcher Education and Development calendar.

Registrations close the day before each workshop—to register after that time please email the Researcher Education and Development (RED) team for assistance.