Welcome to HDR (Higher Degree Research) Skills Week!

Technological advancements have changed the way we research, manage ourselves and interact with others. From software packages and digitally-mediated research methodologies to virtual networking, collaborations and conferences—researchers are now, more than ever, researching in an online era.

The 2021 HDR Skills Week program offers a series of carefully curated webinars to assist you with embracing the digital aspects of your research project.

What’s on?

Lunchtime webinars will run daily from 12 noon. The webinars cover a range of topics including:

  • Presenting online: Tips for delivering an engaging virtual talk
  • Using social media to enhance research impact
  • Question time: Handling questions at a conference presentation
  • Research profiles for HDRs
  • Meaningful connections in the Digital Age.

During the week, the Library will also be hosting the Research data: Plan for the worst so you’ll always be the best series. In this series you’ll learn how to protect your research data when working on or off campus, why managing your research data is considered good research practice, and which secure Griffith storage solutions and data-related tools are available.

Looking for more information?

Discover more useful resources, including articles, short videos and online courses, on the HDR Skills Week webpage.