It’s nearly the end of trimester! Well done for making it this far.  

While this is a time to be proud, it can also be a very stressful time. Exams are just around the corner, and there’s lots of revision to be done. It’s more important now than ever to make sure you are being mindful of your wellbeing and including self-care in your study schedule.  

The good news is self-care doesn’t have to be a trip to the Maldives (though that would be nice!) It can be any simple and time-efficient activity that brings you joy. Because all that revision still needs to be done!  

Why not try a nice walk in nature? Bonus points for bringing a friend along to have a nice chat. Extra bonus points for bringing a furry friend. Go to the gym if that’s more your style. Or something slower like reading a good book, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee with a friend, or watching a favourite TV show. 

You can try  more traditional mindfulness too. There are lots of apps that can guide you through meditation practices. Here is a list of recommended apps you could check out Free mindful apps worthy of your attention or you could try your own unguided meditation. Just sit anywhere you can get comfortable and won’t be disturbed, close your eyes and breathe. Even a few minutes can help. Maybe give it a try right before an exam to calm those nerves!  

However you choose to take care of yourself during this time, we wish you all the best with your exams and final assignments. Remember if you ever need some extra support, the Griffith counselling service is available to all students.