Everyone has the right to feel welcome, comfortable and safe in our Library spaces.  

All of our Library staff are trained through the MATE Bystander Programwhich is a prevention education program that empowers people to be active bystanders. This means we‘re always ready to step in and address disrespectful behaviours, listen to your concerns and assist you in accessing appropriate support.  

Assault, harassment and disrespectful behaviours are not tolerated at Griffith. With your help, we can ensure that our Library is safe for everyone.  

How do we all make Library spaces safe?  

We all share a responsibility to make our spaces safe. Being mindful of your own behaviour and being respectful towards others is the first step, but there’s more we can do to ensure our spaces are safe. 

By familiarising yourself with Griffith’s Safe campuses website you can be proactive about your safety and the safety of others. Here are a few tips to get started:  

  • Bookmark the website on your phone or laptop’s internet browser so you can easily locate it if needed. 
  • Save any important phone numbers to your phone’s contacts list.  
  • Read through the information on the website to get an idea of the various resourcestraining and support that‘s available. 

Safe campuses has resources and training modules for many different scenarios and topics, whether it’s recognising unsafe behaviours, understanding consent or supporting others. Don’t forget to check out the Definitions and Frequently Asked Questions page for additional guidance and tips. 

You may also like to take a look at the Personal and property security website and the Online Health and Wellness Centre. 

What if I need support? 

If you’ve experienced assault, harassment or other disrespectful behaviours, you’re not alone and we’re here to support you. You can find options for support on the Safe campuses website or speak to our friendly Library staff for assistance.  

If you witness or experience unsafe behaviour in our Library spaces, please let our Library staff know: we’re here to help. The Library is also a designated LGBTI Safe Place where you can always be yourself.