The Library invites you to join us in observing World Book and Copyright Day on 23 April 2021. 

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) first proclaimed this international day in 1995 to celebrate books and their influence in disseminating and promoting knowledge. World Book and Copyright Day also has symbolic significance in that several influential writers have died on this date, including William Shakespeare and Don Quixote author Miguel de Cervantes. 

In addition to celebrating the creativity and diversity shared through books, this day promotes equal and open access to knowledge. Copyright plays an essential role when it comes to sharing knowledge, particularly in an academic setting. What better way to pay tribute to authors and creators than treating their work with fairness? 

For information on how you can adhere to copyright law in your study, teaching or research, visit the Copyright matters webpage. Just navigate through the webpage menus to find helpful information about: 

  • Including your previously published articles in your thesis 
  • Publishing and licencing your research dataset 
  • Using materials in your lectures and lecture capture 
  • Playing or performing music 
  • and more. 

For further copyright advice, or training for staff and students, you can contact Griffith’s Information Policy Officer at [email protected]