Discover more full-text eBooks and enhance your research or studies with these collections from Brill. Brill’s publishing program in the fields of international law and human rights law appear under the imprint Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, a prestigious imprint dating back to the 19th century. 

Brill International Law collection 

International Law E-Books Online covers the following areas 

  • Public International Law  
  • Law of the Sea  
  • International Trade Law  
  • International Labour Law  
  • Environmental Law  
  • European Law  
  • International Relations  
  • International Organizations  
  • Terrorism  
  • Legal History  
  • Islamic Law.   

The 2019 updateadded an additional 52 new titles to the collection and the upcoming 2020 collectionwill add a further 55 titles. 

Brill Human Rights and Humanitarian Law collection 

Human Rights and Humanitarian Law E-Books Online covers the following areas: 

  • Human Rights 
  • Refugee Law 
  • Immigration Law 
  • Health Law 
  • Children’s Rights 
  • Minority and Group Rights 
  • Humanitarian Law 
  • International Criminal Law. 

There were 42 titles added to the Human Rights and Humanitarian Law 2019 collectionand the 2020 collection will add a further 44 titles.   

How can I access them? 

To locate these collections through the Library website: 

  • Click inside the Library catalogue search field 
  • Select the Databases radio button 
  • Type ‘brill’ into the field and click search. 

The collections will be listed in the search results as ‘Human Rights and Humanitarian Law E-Books Online’ and ‘International Law E-Books Online.