The library Study Smart site has a page dedicated to Exam Preparation.

Preparation is key

The important thing is to remain calm and remember this is your opportunity to show what you can do. Exams can be stressful, but preparation is the key. Being both mentally and physically ready can help.

Understand the important details that have been shared regarding the content and types of questions-multiple choice, short answer or essays. This can help you familiarise yourself with the topics studied and the types of questions you may have already practiced.

Our website outlines some other tips on organising your time and how to revise productively.

Exam day

On the day of the exam, make sure the technology you use is working. We recommend you turn the computer on in advance and log in early. If you have an open book exam, do not expect to have a lot of time to flip through the various pages looking for inspiration or information. Make sure you know where to locate some information, you may feel uncertain but try not to be too over reliant on your notes.

Lastly, always plan your time wisely – invest in questions that are worth the most marks and avoid agonizing over a question you are unsure of. If you are really stumped, skip it and see if another question reminds you later and make sure you revisit the question.

Always read the exam questions carefully to make sure you answer the question as best you can to give yourself the best opportunity to earn the marks you deserve.

Remember, you can only do your best with the understanding you have and preparation you made.

More information about the online exams can be found at the Online exam FAQ fact sheet.

So stay calm, prepare and good luck.