Your Griffith Library is YOUR space.

With six libraries over six physical campuses, we take a student-first approach which allows us to provide safe and inclusive spaces for everyone.

A space for everyone

Your Griffith Library offers an array of different study spaces to accommodate different study needs. Whether you’re looking for a silent, quiet or social space – we’ve got you covered.

Need to book a space?

If you need to book a study space for a group project or study session, your Griffith Library offers a range of study rooms you can book online.

We provide a Safe Place for all

Our staff are MATE Bystander trained, meaning they are able to recognise problematic behaviour and have the confidence to speak out and offer help. We pride ourselves on being a Safe Place for LGBTI+ staff and students. Visit our online module ‘Walking in rainbow shoes’ to learn more.

Finding your way around

During O-week, each library will offer fifteen-minute library tours so you can get familiar with our spaces. 

To learn more about your Griffith Library, drop by and take a look around or take a virtual tour.

If you’re having trouble finding your way around, approach our friendly Frontline Library Services staff at the library desk.