2015 Grand Rounds Seminar

Professor Tony Perkins

Professor Tony Perkins

Presented by:

Professor Tony Perkins, Dean Academic – Health, Griffith University.


A healthy placenta is essential to a healthy start to life and placental pathologies underpin many complications of pregnancy. Central to this is the ability of placental mitochondria to cope with oxidative stress, maintain cellular energy levels ensure homestasis. Our work examines placental mitochondrial function in vitro and in vivo and we have investigated the role that essential micronutrients such as selenium have of placental health. Trace element nutrition is important during pregnancy and trace element supplementation may improve placental health during oxidative stress.


Professor Tony Perkins is a biochemist with particular interests in anti-oxidant enzymes systems in the human placenta. His research is focused on preeclampsia, a complication of pregnancy, and how mitochondrial dysfunction influences placental cell turnover. Professor Perkins has an international reputation in placental biology/biochemistry and has been invited on many occasions to present at International and National Meetings. Professor Perkins is the current Dean Academic for the Health Group.

Listen to the presentation:

MONDAY 23 FEBRUARY 2015 16:00 - 17:30
Venue:Gold Coast University Hospital,
Building E-G-009 Pathology and Education Department (PED-Seminar Lecture Theatre).


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