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Measuring customers’ experience through deep facial analysis

Nehemia Sugianto, PhD candidate at the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation, is conducting research to develop a privacy-preserving facial analytic surveillance solution built on responsible AI technology. Read More

The next AI super power: Why Australia’s regional positioning and global outlook are important to the future of industry

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first human to land on the moon, a feat that was achieved by the US with a… Read More

AI systems as supplemental agents, rather than primary agents

In the article “How AI can be a force for good” written by Mariarosaria Taddeo et al, a key focus is the concept of… Read More

Engaging with First people: Kungullanji Research Pathways program
How to foster innovation and grow an intrapreneurial mindset
The Blue Economy and the SDGs
Logistics students go ‘the last mile’ with Lime Scooters

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